10.0k 10000 watt Mono Block Amplifier

$2,400.00 $2,620.00

The 10.0kw competition series amplifier is a 10,000 watt mono block. It is built for 12 volt audio systems. It will not operate on 16 or 18 volt systems. It is a linkable amp and designed to run at 1 ohm per amp or 2 ohms when strapped for 20,000 watts of power.

It comes with a bass knob and a clipping indicator. For power inputs it will accept triple 0 awg for power and triple 0 awg for ground.

3000x1 @ 4 ohms

5500x1 @ 2 ohms

10000x1 @ 1 Ohm Mono


Key Features

• 1 ohm stable

• Variable low pass filter

• Variable subsonic filter

• Variable bass boost

• Wired remote control with Clipping Light

• Triple 0 awg power and ground inputs

Sold Out
10.0k 10000 watt Mono Block Amplifier