90.4 4 Channel Amplifier

$452.00 $565.00

The 90.4 Competition series amplifier. This amp has a fully active crossover and lots of clean power for the SQ minded builds. Its also fits installs where you may want to amplify your front stage and bridge the rear 2 channels to your sub stage and have a bass knob to control it. Versatility is what this amp is all about.

90x4 @ 4 ohms

130x4 @ 2 ohms

250 x 2 @ 4 Ohm Mono

Key Features

• Variable high pass filter

• Variable Band pass filter

• 8awg Speaker Connections • 4awg inputs

• 4awg inputs

• Input mode Switch

• Class A/B

• Fully Active Crossover

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90.4 4 Channel Amplifier